We asked ChatGPT to “[p]lease write a 50-word description for a 2-sided poster made to promote the Poppl-Exquisit typeface.” It replied with Introducing Poppl-Exquisit Typeface: A harmonious blend of elegance and modernity. On one side, revel in its timeless serifs, capturing the essence of classical design. Flip it for a contemporary twist with sleek sans-serifs, embodying the spirit of today's aesthetics. Elevate your typography game with Poppl-Exquisit—where tradition meets innovation. That’s not quite accurate (at all), but it’s good enough for now. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything at. This one’s just a beauty.

  • Size: 12.75 × 23.5 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Offset
  • Binding: NA
  • Condition: Very good with a couple minor dings at the edge of one side. In one of the pics above it looks like there is a smear or fold in the middle. There’s none. We just did a bad job of making multiple scans and piecing them together. 
  • Publisher: Berthold Fototype, 1970(?)