(The Development of Western Type carved in wood plates)

In 1951, at the conclusion of his studies at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts, Adrian Frutiger (age 23) chose as a diploma project the development of Western script, from the Greek alphabet to the Renaissance. This development was carved in beechwood and printed from the blocks. We don’t know how large that edition was, but we have two tattered copies that we love sharing with people, but the cost of which have left us without an arm and without a leg. But this is neither of them. This is a facsimile published in 1996 and which will allow you to maintain all the limbs you presently have.
  • Author: Adrian Frutiger
  • Size: 5.875 × 11.125 inches
  • Pages: 24 panels
  • Languages: German, French, English
  • Binding: Softcover with one giant, loose folding thing + a 4-page insert
  • Publisher: Syndor Press, 1996