Scrambled Death

True story: We once thought for a moment that we were going to die. It wasn’t that scary because, well, what’re you gonna do? At any particular moment one either dies or they don’t. We thought about a loved one and the inconvenience that our death would cause, and then we sat back and let the doctors get to work. Anyway, despite its title, this one doesn’t make us think of death. It makes us think of what’s possible. This sweet little play on the tax collector’s companion folds down to 5.3125 × 3.5 inches and opens up to a nice surprise. (Also, curiously, this isn’t the only skull we are presently offering. Here’s another.)
Author: Martijn in ’t Veld
Size: 10.625 × 14.875 inches
Pages: 1
Binding: na
Publisher: Happy Potato Press, 2020