The Day-Glo Designer’s Guide


Sit back, relax, and float down stream. One never knows what one will find. This one presented itself to us and we could not say No—or look away. No mere head trip, this one is filled with what is possible when one is open to the possibilities of Day-Glo inks. Loaded with work by notable (and surprising) designers pushing the limits and expanding minds, all in the interest of selling music, sex, war, peace, and soap. A marvelous teaching tool. Includes work by Warhol, Bruna, Lubalin, Peter Max, Bert Stern, and too many others to mention here.

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  • Size: 11.25 × 13 inches
  • Pages: 68
  • Binding: Spiral
  • Condition: OK. Some water damage and warping and there are some rings missing on the spiral thingy. And it looks like a pop-up element is missing.
  • Publisher: Day-Glo Color Corp, 1969