The Village by the River (Wang Hui-Ming)

Wang Hui-Ming was  born in the People’s Republic of China in 1922, taught at Yale from 1951–61, then taught at UMass Amherst from 1964-89, illustrated a Gehenna Press book, made this print, and died in 2006. We count five colors printed via silkscreen + black printed via letterpress. This was probably a reject as it looks like a piece of furniture worked up in the press and started taking ink. Too bad. Otherwise a very nice thing. If you frame it right, you’ll never even see the mark. Maybe you could shave it away with care.
  • Size: 11 × 14 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Silkscreen + Letterpress
  • Binding: NA
  • Condition: Very good but it has a tiny pin hole at the top. This just means it was loved and looked at.
  • Publisher: We think this is from the Barre Publishing, 1971