The Vulture

Why this book? Well, once a girlfriend said there were a turkey vulture on our roof. We said there was no such thing as a turkey vulture. We thought she was making this up just to mess with us. (This was before we walked around with cameras and supercomputers in our pockets and could take photos willy-nilly and look stuff up.) This debate went on for a long time and then we finally saw this creature for ourselves. She was right. That was no ordinary bird. And then we finally asked Jeeves and he confirmed that turkey vultures are real. We’ve probably not seen a turkey vulture since, but we see turkeys all the time. And now we’ve got this book, one of the very first published by David Godine and with a wood engraving by Lance Hidy.
  • Author: Samuel Johnson
  • Size: 4.375 × 5.5 inches 
  • Pages: 16
  • Binding: Hand-sewn pamphlet
  • Publisher: David R. Godine, 1970