Tirsi e Clori (Karina Meister)

Karina Meister was born in Austria and has spent the bulk of her career in the Netherlands. Here she is writing out in (German and Italian) the libretto from Monteverdi’s Tirsi e Clori. Bet that was something you didn’t think you’d encounter today. But the whole is a beauty, with the Italian in a handsome italic and the German in an impressive roman. A lovely bit of the letterer’s art printed in an edition of just 100 copies, this one numbered 19. Now we just need to figure out what Tirsi e Clori is about. (This is not an invitation for you to tell us.)
  • Author: Monteverdi
  • Size: 5.325 × 8.25 inches
  • Pages: 32
  • Binding: Softcover in hand-marbled wrapper
  • Publisher: Karina Meister, 1982