Typographische Gestaltung (Asymmetric Typography) (Tschichold)


This classic handbook of typographic modernism was first published in 1935—annoyingly, in German. It was so influential, however, that when the English edition came out in 1967, the translator and publisher couldn’t believe that nobody had made the book available sooner. How had designers ever managed without it? Even to those unable to speak or read German, Jan Tschichold is able to convey his ideas with clear diagrams and carefully-chosen illustrations. The concepts and guidelines he put forth are just as useful today as they were eighty-five years ago—even if we can’t read what he wrote. And what’s extra-nice about this first edition is that it ends with a section of handsome advertisements that the English edition lacks. And it uses a variety of papers. A very important book.

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  • Author: Jan Tschichold
  • Size: 5.875 × 8.25 inches
  • Pages: 124
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Condition: Dust jacket is spotted and browned and chipped and now in protective mylar. Binding is very good with some minor fading at the top of the spine. It’s not a big deal. Some browning of these coated pages at the top as is typical. Minor foxing at the back. We hope we look this good when we’re 89-years-old.
  • Publisher: Benno Schwabe & Co., 1935