Herbarium Microscopicum

The fifteen flowers contained in this thin book represent a very small part of the Herbarium Microscopicum by Clemente de’ Vallisneria. It is a work beyond compare in the world of botany: in terms of size (it comprehends a countless number of flowers, and the cataloguing is still ongoing), in terms of the type of flowers featured (bioluminescent and diatomaceous flowers not visible to the human eye and hitherto unknown), and in terms of the mystery that surrounds the author of this work, about whom very little is known, or as he would wish, almost nothing. What we can tell you, however, is that this book is a beauty—and good for anyone who is partial to delicious distractions.
Author: Clemente de’ Vallisneria
Size: 6.4375 × 9.1875 inches
Pages: 16
Binding: Pamphlet
Publisher: Edizioni Corraini, 2018