Hyphen-Labs: L’Oceano Nervoso & i Bagnanti della Luna

“L’Oceano Nervoso & i Bagnanti della Luna” (which Google translates to “The Nervous Ocean & the Bathers of the Moon”) explores the themes of eco-womanism and dreams of the biodiversity born in the post-anthropocene era. Over a short period of time, punctuated evolution has saturated the oceans with human leftovers and their genetic footprints. These plastic-carrying DNA permeated into microorganisms transferring their human-like traits to the inhabitants of the sea. The marine life now lives in an anxious ocean infused with human consciousness. L’Oceano Nervoso & i Bagnanti della Luna depicts one day in this non-human world. Also, it’s just a nice thing.
  • Author: Hyphen-Labs
  • Size: 6.4375 × 9.1875 inches
  • Size (folded): 6.4375 × 9.1875 inches
  • Sizes (flat): 25.75 × 18.375 inches
  • Pages: 16 (or a 2-sided poster)
  • Binding: Pamphlet-to-Poster
  • Publisher: Edizioni Corraini, 2017