The COVID-19 public health emergency will end in Massachusetts on May 11. Our fifth birthday is May 5. To celebrate both of these things, we’re going to have an ice cream party on May 7. Come raise an impossibly-good scoop from Toscanini’s and look at books and exhibits and relax and chat with friends, strangers, and anyone else who shows up. Maybe even get our fifth-year poster. And as the pandemic will be over (more or less), we’ll be playing by post-pandemic rules: Don’t spit on anyone & have a nice time.

Date and Time
Sunday, May 7 from 1 to 4p
No ticket required.

Katherine Small Gallery
108 Beacon Street
Somerville, MA 02143 [map]

Coming from Out of Town?

Note: The above images were generated via artificial intelligence. The prompt for the color images was “Graphic designers eating ice cream.” The prompt for the black-and-white images was “Calligraphers eating ice cream.” We did not specify that one set should be in color and the other in black-and-white.