Current Exhibit

Dick Bruna and Black Bears and Japanese Matchboxes

December 7, 2018 through Summer 2019. While Dick Bruna was writing and illustrating his early books for children, he was also designing book covers for mysteries and detective novels. On the other side of the world, Japanese artists and designers were designing matchbox labels. What do Dick Bruna's covers have to do with Japanese matchboxes? This exhibition finally answers that question. Learn more »


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In our brick-and-mortar shop we have books about graphic design and typography from all over the world. Our online store has just a modest sampling. You've got to come to 108 Beacon for the complete offering. Learn more »


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Katherine Small from Day One

A complete explanation of what this place is all about and why (and where and when). Learn more »


Matchboxes, a Movie, and a Reminder

We’ll admit it: There are days when we think We have made a terrible mistake. And then someone comes in and reminds us why we opened this place. Learn more »