Current Exhibit

Bernard Shaw: Covered

September 9 through January 14, 2023. We know how much you love the work of Bernard Shaw, so we’ve assembled this exhibition of covers to investigate how great designers of the twentieth century approached designing his work. Learn more »

Current Super-Small Exhibit

John Gall: Collages

September 9 through January 14, 2023. John Gall is the creative director for the publisher Alfred A. Knopf, designing and overseeing the design of hundreds of book covers each year. In an effort to forget what he knew about design, in 2008 he began to make collages for his own pleasure. Learn more »

Katherine Wall Gallery

Leanne Shapton: Five American Wildflowers

November 15 through January 14, 2023. We were so taken by Leanne Shapton’s paintings for American Wildflowers that we asked if we could have a show of them. A seed was thus planted. Learn more »

Upcoming Events

Mark Your Calendar

On December 6, Luciana Sangawill deliver our sixteenth Standing-Room Only Lecture. Her topic and title could not be better: “A Neglected Book Part: The Book Obi.Learn more »


Online + Brick + Mortar

In our brick-and-mortar shop we have books about graphic design and typography from all over the world. Our online store has just a modest sampling. You’ve got to come to 108 Beacon for the complete offering. Learn more »


We’re Open (on Fridays and Saturdays)

Come look, learn, and shop whenever you like—as long as you only like Fridays and Saturdays, from 11a to 6p. Learn more »


Katherine Small from Day One

A complete explanation of what this place is all about and why (and where and when). Learn more »