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Ivan Chermayeff: Mostly Early Covers

Ongoing. Extended due to popular demand!

It’s not difficult to find examples of book covers by Ivan Chermayeff (1932–2017), but when displayed alongside his firm’s intimately familiar logos for Mobil, Showtime, MoMA, and Chase, they tend to get lost. Ivan Chermayeff: Mostly Early Covers is an opportunity to focus on forty-one of Chermayeff’s less-celebrated designs without being overwhelmed by the iconic work for which he is so well known. Learn more »

Forthcoming Exhibits

Matthew Carter's Top Ten

Matthew Carter's Top Ten

Early 2019

What catches the eye of this MacArthur Award-winning type designer when he's not designing type? Let's not kid ourselves: Matthew Carter is always looking at letters. But he does not live by letters alone—and you might be surprised by what's found its way to his list of top ten favorite things. With just ten things on this list we get to see what makes him not just a well-rounded type designer, but a well-rounded person.  Learn more »