Anything not formed in nature was designed by someone, and if one collects enough of one type of thing—books, movie tickets, candy wrappers, stamps—the story of their design can be discerned. Or a story can be made up. Either way, this series of short talks in the format of a pecha kucha (twenty slides each shown for twenty seconds) is about looking closely at things that are usually overlooked.

We’re not ready to hold events at the gallery, but the Letter Exchange is more adventurous and has invited us to talk in real life. If you’re not ready for real life (or not in London), the talk will be live-streamed for anyone with a few quid.


Tickets are available at a variety of levels for in-person and online. See here »

Date and Time
Wednesday, June 15 at 6:30 – 9:00 BST
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The Art Workers’ Guild
6 Queen Square
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