Friends of Katherine Small Gallery (and people paying attention) will know that ours is not an art gallery. But sometimes we make an exception. We were so taken by the hand-painted lettering of graphic designer Ben Loiz that we asked him to send for a show some hand-painted alphabets. Rather than alphabets, he sent nothing but love. And amor. And geometric plays on the two. We arranged them with care (according to his specs) as the second exhibit in our Katherine Wall Gallery.

As a Los Angeles-based graphic designer, Ben Loiz works with brands and institutions like Nike, UCLA, Coca-Cola, Buildbox, the University of Southern California, A+R, Aspire Public Schools, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Neiman Marcus, and the City of Laguna Beach. As an artist, his work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally, and is available through his online shop: Other Things.