Following the death of legendary type designer Hermann Zapf on Thursday, June 4, 2015, Matthew Carter commented, “Last Thursday, all the rest of us moved up one. (That’s my way of saying Hermann was on top.)” He may have been the greatest type designer of the twentieth century, but Zapf considered himself to be, primarily, a book designer. So, he was pretty good at his secondary pursuits. But what about tertiary pursuits such as designing postage stamps? Here's a chance to judge for yourself and look as closely as your nose will allow. (No licking, please.)

Incidentally, the Harvard Art Museums currently have an x-ray of a copy of the Mona Lisa on display. We've got our own Mona Lisa on display framed by Hermann Zapf’s lettering—and just like at the Harvard Art Museums, Cantabrigians always get in for free at Katherine Small Gallery.

Did you miss this exhibit? Download it for your own collection of PDFs.