Font Bureau: One-Line Type Specimens (Second Edition)

We’re grateful when the title of a book is its own description. It means we don’t have to write as much. This one is a 2003 showing of faces from Boston’s Font Bureau. Although the foundry is still around (more or less), many of its faces have been discontinued and aren’t available as OpenType fonts. In many cases this is too bad. As the work that came out of this foundry becomes bought up by other foundries and/or reverted back to its designers, learning about its work will become more difficult when only poking around on the Internet. Sometimes plain-old ink on paper makes for a pretty good record even if it means we have to get out of chairs to find it and look stuff up.
  • Written and Composed: Christian Schwartz
  • Size: 7.25 × 10.5 inches 
  • Pages: 32
  • Binding: Stapled pamphlet
  • Publisher: Font Bureau, 2003