A Letter from Romeyn de Hooghe (prospectus)

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a copy in real life of the book for which this prospectus was made. But here’s what we can see in real life: This spectacular R lettered by John E. Benson and engraved here by Leonard Baskin. What a friggin’ beautiful thing. If we were the tattooing type, we might like to have this on our person—especially since our mum’s initials are RR. Anyway, it’s a lovely little thing suitable for framing and/or tattooing.
  • Letterer: John E. Benson
  • Size: Folded: 5.9375 × 4.875 inches; Flat: 11.875 × 4.875 inches
  • Pages: Single sheet folded in half, so that counts for 4 pages
  • Binding: n/a
  • Publisher: Gehenna Press, c.1971