[Alphabet engraved by Leo Wyatt of Bristol, England]

If letters are things, and not pictures of things, this is a thing with letters as pictures. It’s a handsome engraving of an italic alphabet by Leo Wyatt. It was commissioned by Philip Hofer down the street at the Houghton Library, printed at Leonard Baskin’s Gehenna Press down the pike in Northampton, and distributed by the above and Harold Hugo of the Meriden Gravure Company (due south of Northampton [more or less]). One of five hundred copies. A nice thing for your wall.
  • Engraver: Leo Wyatt
  • Size: 9.5 × 6.5 inches (folded)
  • Pages: A single folded sheet
  • Publisher: Houghton Library (Harvard), Gehenna Press, and Meriden Gravure, 1964