Boston Art Review 12: Some Assembly Required


OK. Wanna read a story? For reasons we won’t go into, a week or so ago we lit a candle in the shop. The day proceeded. People came. We chatted with friends and strangers. We showed them things. They showed us things. Everyone was happy. Sales were good. And in quiet moments we looked forward to attending the launch party for the new issue of the Boston Art Review which dedicated three pages to K. Small and our current show. At 6p we closed for the day, walked home, brushed our teeth, gathered our Plus One for date night, and called a car to take us to Boston. The ride was harrowing. And then we got there. We stepped out of the car. Got our bearings. Opened the door for our Plus One. Entered the lobby of the building where the party was happening—and then promptly remembered we’d left that candle burning in the shop. Swears were exchanged. We called another car to bring us back to Somerville. It started to rain. The ride was harrowing. We got all the way back to the shop. We blew out the candle. And that was the end of date night.

In other news, the new issue of the Boston Art Review is out. It’s got articles about the Boston Collective, the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement, Katherine Small Gallery, and host of other interesting things. It’s a wildly impressive publication published by a wildly impressive person (and team of people). We recently had a chance to chat with the publisher and swap tales about our ridiculous endeavors. But that’s another story. With pics of envelopes by Lance Hidy, Richard Lipton, Stephen Harvard, Louise Fili, Saul Steinberg, June Shin, and Jan Tschichold, this one is an essential piece of K. Smalliana for all the completists. 


  • Editor: Jameson Johnson
  • Size: 8 × 10 inches 
  • Pages: 134 
  • Publisher: Boston Art Review, 2024