Cyrus Highsmith: Greenish Elephant (Alphabet Zoo)

In November of 2023 Cyrus Highsmith had a show in Tokyo called Alphabet Zoo. It was a window into his graphic world. His playful creative process and the joy he gets from mechanical reproduction were on display in his collection of screen prints, monoprints, and etchings. Drawings of animals and the letters of the latin alphabet, pulled from the pages of his numerous sketchbooks, formed the basis for the series of images created for this exhibit. It’s an energetic and free-spirited collection of work. And this is one of the pieces from that collection. It’s an elephant—and it’s greenish.
  • Size: 16 × 12 inches 
  • Edition: 30 
  • Medium: Silkscreen 
  • Publisher: Occupant Press, 2023