Iconic: The Postage Stamps of Lance Wyman

Graphic designer Lance Wyman created commemorative postage stamps for some of the most historically significant events of the late twentieth century: Olympiads, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the 1970 World Cup, the first manned landing on the moon, and the twenty-­fifth anniversary of the United Nations. Studying the entirety of Wyman’s philatelic work—forty-­three stamps in all—Niko Courtelis details how well they have withstood the test of time. With comments throughout by Wyman himself, this book (co-published with Kat Ran Press to accompany our exhibit of Wyman’s stamps) is sure to reintroduce you to the designer you thought you already knew.
Author: Niko Courtelis
Size: 5.875 × 9 inches
Pages: 24
Binding: Pamphlet
Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery & Kat Ran Press, 2019