Katherine Small Gallery: The Fourth Year Poster


To commemorate our six exhibits, zero lectures, no catalogues, two incredibly-late issues of our quarterly journal, and our fourth year, we asked our friend Mark Tomlinson to design a small poster for this place—and, boy, did he come through for us. Over the last year, little here has incited as much delight as Mark’s pieces in our show Same Diff and the envelopes he’s sent us and we’ve perched on a shelf for all to see. In this poster reproducing at 100% an unopened envelope he mailed us and which  somehow managed to get here, careful lookers will notice a bunch of fours peeking out from the envelope’s windows. And in a serious case of unhatched-chicken counting, he’s already hashed out a bunch of fives. But the best thing about Mark’s piece is that it’s an excellent reminder that not everything needs to be classically beautiful in order to be perfect.

Each one of these envelope-pushers is suitable for framing—and, so, we framed it for you. Or not. You can choose between an unframed poster shipped flat or a poster framed in an inexpensive (Read: possibly scratched) acrylic box frame that is ready to be hung on your wall as soon as it arrives at your door.

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  • Size: 14 × 11 inches 
  • Pages: 1 
  • Edition: 100 copies 
  • Binding: na 
  • Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2022