Ladislav Sutnar (2 undated photographic portraits)

Remember real photographs on real paper? Well, here are two real photographs of Ladislav Sutnar on real paper taken by Preston McClanahan. What’s nice about these is that they show two things: A master looking intently (or faking it) and a master relaxed and comfortable with a friend. Clearly Preston didn’t shoot until he saw the whites of his eyes. (That line was a reference to the Battle of Bunker Hill, FYI.) These photographic studies were used by Preston for a drawn portrait which we are presently hunting for.
  • Photographer: Preston McClanahan
  • Size: 4.125 × 3.25 inches 
  • Pages: 2 loose photographs from what we think was a Polaroid Land camera
  • Binding: na
  • Publisher: Preston McClanahan, n.d., but if we are understanding this serial numbers on the back, the film was manufactured in December 1972. (But we could be way off.)