Living in Letters: Ten Alphabet Palaces


If we understand the situation correctly, The Merrion Press in London issued a series of fold-outs mounted into folders. They called them friezes. The letters in this frieze are taken from Architectural Alphabet 1773 edited by Berthold Wolpe. This 10-panel frieze shows ten letters (A, B, C, S, P, Q, R, X, Y, and Z) from an alphabet made of architectural plans developed by Johann Steingruber (1702–1787). A flight of fancy for those who fancy flights of frameworks and formations related to letters and buildings.

  • Architect: Johann Steingruber
  • Size: 7.5 × 10.5 inches (folder); 36.25 × 10 inches (unfolded leaf)
  • Pages: 1 folded leafe into a total of ten panels
  • Binding: Folder with loose sheet enclosed. Front cover stamped in foil (which is hard to photograph).
  • Condition: Interior fine, but the first and last panels have pin holes from when it was hung on display. The folder has some dimples but they’re not a big deal.
  • Publisher: The Merrion Press, 1975