June Shin: NOW triptych


If comedy is tragedy + time, this triptych is tragedy + color. As we can’t host lectures or events (because there’s a global pandemic [FYI]) and thus don’t need to worry about projecting slides on one of our walls, we had a little freedom to put up something more permanent on said wall. Given that the vitrine under that now-available wall features book covers with partial rainbows from our current show, we thought we’d put up something extra-colorful. But what? We asked June Shin to make a triptych with a rainbow theme—and we left it at that. She came back to us with this amazing suite of prints. We can’t take our eyes off them. They’re crazy, genius, and beautiful.

  • Size: 11 × 14 inches each
  • Sheets: 3
  • Edition: 50
  • Medium: Risograph
  • Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2020