Olde Type Faces at Tri-Arts Press

Allow us to quote lazily liberally from the introduction: “Olde has a very individual charm. Weathered wood siding, or a work-smoothed handle, the patina of silver that only use and care can impart. The qualities that endear these things can also be found and accurately incorporated into today’s typography—genuine, straight from the original.” The types shown in this booklet are indeed old, having been cast roughly between 1870–and the 1920s. (Although we spotted Profil in there and that’s from 1947, so don’t believe everything we quote.)
  • Size: 8.325 × 9 inches
  • Pages: 72
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Condition: Interior clean but the cover is spotted and foxed and there’s a small tear on the top back cover. We’ve put it in a protective mylar cover, though, so it looks like a $1 million. 
  • Publisher: Tri-Arts Press, 1971