Perplex, Abstract & Delight (Design Brief No. 2)


Believe it or not, we don’t know everything. We’d never even heard of Audrey Meyer when we came across an Instagram post with one of her covers—but we were charmed. That’s good we thought. So we asked Mary Yang to dig deeper and introduce us (and you) to the work of this designer worthy of more attention. Perplex, Abstract & Delight: A Few Covers by Audrey Meyer is the second issue of our Design Brief and the first step on a long journey of exploration into the work of an overlooked midcentury designer.

See what Steve Heller and the Boston Globe had to say about this issue.

Author: Mary Yang
Size: 6 × 9 inches
Pages: 16
Binding: Saddle-stitch pamphlet
Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2020