United States Pavilion: Japan World Exposition Osaka 1970

Ah. 1970. How young we were. How full of hope. Here we have a young America, full of hope and presenting its best face at the Japan World Exposition in an effort to promote commerce, community, and the inferiority of those commie bastards. The exhibition design was carried out Lewis Davis, Samuel Brody, Alan Schwartzman, Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, and Rudolf de Harak. A nice piece of design from when the grass was greener and before the American carnage described by later presidents set in. We bet most of these ended up in Japan and that few were brought all the way back to the U.S. Apparently there aren’t any copies in the U.S. libraries.
  • Comments: Richard Nixon and Ambassador Howard L. Chernoff
  • Size: 8.25 × 10.5 inches 
  • Pages: 32
  • Binding: Stapled pamphlet
  • Condition: Some bumps and bruises.
  • Publisher: Office of the United States Commissioner General & United States Information Agency, 1970