Untitled Drawing (Dorothea Hofmann)


Dorothea Hofmann was a Swiss graphic designer, artist, educator, and the author of the forthcoming The Birth of a Style. (Order it from us when it comes out, please. Not Amazon.) She was one of the first students who passed the Basel education model. She collaborated closely with her husband, Armin, on developing design education. And she also made lovely drawings—like this one. With this simple bundle of cord, she captures the light and dark and makes the static move. On the verso is a sketch of, like, stacked logs or something. A lovely document by an important designer. 

  • Artist: Dorothea Hofmann
  • Size: 9.25 × 6.125 inches 
  • Medium: Pencil on paper
  • Condition: There’s a tear on the left edge, which you should be able to see in the second picture above. 
  • Year: 1989?