All About Us

What Is This Place?

Katherine Small Gallery opened in the Spring of 2018 to encourage affordable collecting as a way for graphic designers and students of design to learn about the history of their field. Anything not formed in nature was designed by someone, and if one collects enough of one type of thing—books, movie tickets, candy wrappers, stamps—the story of their design can be discerned. Or a story can be made up. Either way, this place is about looking closely at things that are usually overlooked.

Every year will feature three to four larger shows about graphic design, typography, and printed ephemera, with smaller monthly exhibits about postage stamps designed by type designers and notable graphic designers. Nothing on display will be for sale. Katherine Small Gallery is like a free private museum of design scholarship meant to appeal to the whims of its founders—and hopefully the community.

In addition to the small and larger exhibits, one will find for sale a growing selection of new, used, and rare books and magazines about graphic design and typography from publishers all over the world.


Katherine Small Gallery
108 Beacon Street
Somerville, MA 02143

We’re playing by post-pandemic rules: Don’t spit on anyone. Have a nice time.

Fridays: 11a to 6p
Saturdays: 11a to 6p
Otherdays: by appointment (No purchase necessary.)

Intagram: @ksmallgallery
Twitter: @ksmallgallery
Facebook: @ksmallgallery

Design and Typography: M. Russem Book Design
Development: Stephen Simon Interactive
Types: Benton Sans