An ABC with best wishes for 1958 from Esther & Leonard Baskin

Happy 1958 from Esther & Leonard Baskin! A sweet alphabet book with two Baskin engravings, five Bewick engravings printed from the blocks, and then a bunch of others. (OK. Let’s do the math: 26–2–5=19.) The twelfth (!) book from the young Gehenna Press and a delightful thing. Uncommon.
  • Authors: Esther & Leonard Baskin
  • Size: 5.25 × 4.75 inches 
  • Pages: 32 leaves
  • Binding: Pamphlet
  • Edition: One of 500 copies
  • Condition: Interior clean. The cover (which is a too-light paper) is creased, marked, and spotted—but in a way that only adds to its charm. We’ve put this in protective mylar so you don’t even really have to think about it. (You’re welcome.)
  • Publisher: Gehenna Press, 1957