Beardsley’s Second Anniversary Celebration (Lance Hidy)


Picture this: Lance Hidy’s first-ever poster*—and it features our old friend David P. Bourbeau serving up a goblet of water with warmth and panache. It almost makes us want to get ourselves a vest. (We already have an apron.) With Lance’s handsome lettering and inviting composition, this 4-color silkscreen is a total charmer.

*In Lance Hidy’s Posters (1983), Lance refers to this as his first poster. There was an earlier poster, though, from 1976, announcing a lecture by Lloyd Reynolds. We’re sure he’s told us why the Beardsley’s poster is/was considered his first, but we’ve long-since forgotten the reason. Lance would design another poster for Beardsley’s which featured Barry Moster. And then Barry Moser designed at least three of his own.

Further Note: We’re not entirely sure how we’ll ship this, so unless you come pick it up, know that it might take us a spell to get this packed securely.

  • Designer/Illustrator/Letterer: Lance Hidy
  • Size: 16.5 × 25 inches 
  • Pages: 1 poster
  • Binding: na 
  • Condition: Perfect. Signed in pen. 
  • Edition: 250 copies
  • Publisher: Beardsley’s Café Restaurant, 1977