Bokkusu (Nigel Peake)

These drawings are about a type of box that Nigel Peake encountered for the first time in an antique store outside Kamakura, Japan, in 2019. (Incidentally, we were in Kamakura once. They have the most beautiful Starbucks we have ever seen. [Google it.] And we also saw a man catch a squid with his bare hands. And there was a nice jam shop. [Have you tried this jam, though?]) A beautiful, beautiful book. Like, Starbucks-in-Kamakura beautiful. We are speechless.
  • Author: Nigel Peake 
  • Size: 7.8 × 8.11 inches 
  • Pages: 40 
  • Binding: Softcover + jacket that opens to a large poster 
  • Publisher: Éditions Fotokino, 2021