Bram de Does: Typographer & Type Designer

We didn’t know about Bram de Does way back in 2004 when we first encountered this book—but we knew his work and this book were special. An exacting classical typographer working with the tools of his time to make timeless books for the trade, De Does also designed two classic faces (Trinité & Lexicon), printed books for his own private press, and experimented with ornaments. When we’ve been stuck over the years, this is a book we’ve turned to for a kick in the pants and to be reminded of the right way to do things.
  • Author: Mathieu Lommen and John A. Lane
  • Language: 50% Dutch + 50% English 
  • Size: 6.5 × 9 inches 
  • Pages: 256 
  • Binding: Smyth-sewn hardcover 
  • Condition: Fine, but inscribed to the designer Howard Gralla from the printing historian (and co-author) John Lane
  • Publisher: De Buitenkant, 2003