Catalog Design Progress: Advancing Standards in Visual Communication (Sutnar, 1950)


Long before the internet and its vast stores of information in digital form, information in analog form needed to be organized so that it was legible and accessible. One designer who revolutionized the presentation of printed information was modernist pioneer Ladislav Sutnar. In 1950, Sutnar and architect K. Lonberg-Holm published Catalog Design Progress, a guide to modernizing the design of printed materials through typographic simplicity, compositional ingenuity, and navigational devices that signal the logical flow of information. This is a copy of the original edition and is remarkable example of graphic dynamism and rational order. This thing is uh-mazing.

A facsimile edition is also available »

  • Authors: Ladislav Sutnar and K. Lonberg-Holm
  • Size: 14 × 10 inches 
  • Pages: 108
  • Binding: Plastic coil binding
  • Condition: The jacket is soiled, torn, and has an annoying notation about ownership on the front, but the book itself is in remarkably good condition. 
  • Publisher: Sweet's Catalog Service, 1950