Cyrus Highsmith: RV Neil Armstrong

In his song “Shipbuilding,” Elvis Costello asks, “Is it worth it?” We answer, “Yes.”—but Costello was singing about the Falklands War. We’re talking about this silkscreen of the RV Neil Armstrong, stationed in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. (In this instance RV stands for Research Vessel, not recreational vehicle.) Hand-printed by award-winning type designer Cyrus Highsmith in an edition of just twelve, we've dropped this signed-and-numbered silkscreen into a not-fancy box frame so you don't have to worry about adding to your Pile of Things to Frame (Someday). This is ready to go on your wall. (Photo of random baby not included.)
Size: 10 × 8 inches
Edition: 12
Medium: Silkscreen
Publisher: Occupant Press, 2019