Emigre, No. 42: The Mercantile Issue


Still crazy after all these years—and still a source of inspiration and insight. We didn’t really think Emigre was for us, but spending time with these issues has been revelatory. This award-winning quarterly (more or less) magazine published from 1984 until 2005 in Berkeley, was dedicated to visual communication, graphic design, typography, and design criticism. Produced by Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko, Emigre was known for creating some of the very first digital layouts and type designs. Exposure to Licko's typefaces through the magazine lead to the creation of Emigre Fonts in 1985. Seems silly trying to type more about this publication. Why type more about something that does such a good job of speaking for itself? These are good, good, good.


  • Rudy VanderLans, Introduction
  • Mr. Keedy, Design(er) Type or Graphic Designers who Design Typefaces (and the Typographers who Forgive Them)
  • Alan Marshall, Decay and Renewal in Typeface Markets: Variations on a Typographical Theme
  • Emigre type and product catalog
  • Jonathan Hoefler, On Classifying Type
  • Andrew Blauvelt, Walking in the City
  • Mail
  • Size: 8.375 × 10.875 inches 
  • Pages: 80
  • Binding: Saddle stitched magazine 
  • Condition: Minor wear to extremities. Otherwise fine.
  • Publisher: Emigre, 1997