Font of the Month Subscription


David Jonathan Ross didn’t invent the font-of-the-month concept—but he’s taken it to an extremely fun and weird and innovative and useful place. On the first of each month, subscribers receive a new digital typeface with a personal and enlightening description of where it came from. We’ll admit it: More often than not, when one of these faces arrives we think Neat. But we’ll never use this. And, then, there it is a few months later: Exactly what we need.

Purchase a subscription through us and we’ll mail you an official membership card in a neat 3-color, letterpress-printed card holder. This makes for a fun gift for yourself, a client, or that special someone who’s always talking about their love of litagures, apmersands, and fontfaces.

We’re not just selling these. We’re also subscribers. And we can’t recommend this enough.

Author: David Jonathan Ross
Size (card): 3.375 × 2.125 inches
Size (card-holder): 4 × 3 inches
Publisher: DJR, 2017