Karmele Leizaola

Where do we even begin? With the firsts: Karmele Leizaola (1929–2021) was the first woman to work as a graphic designer in Venezuela. That’s a big deal. And so is this thing. And we don’t use the word thing to be dismissive, but we’re not sure what to call it. We count two pamphlets, one folded timeline, and one limited edition print—and all of it dedicated to Leizaola’s life and work. Faride Mereb has made a careful study of that life and work and collected the compositions, pages, and spreads that introduce us to this largely unknown designer. (Well, we should speak for ourselves: She was unknown to us.) Beautifully produced, this is one of those things that will spark you imagination and your conversations. This is only the beginning.
  • Author: Faride Mereb
  • Size: 11.5 × 14.625 inches is how large the biggest piece is
  • Pages: Book 1: 16; Book 2: 16; Timeline: 1 folded sheet
  • Binding: Pamphlets (2) + folded timeline + loose signed-and-numbered print
  • Language: Spanish + English
  • Edition: 100 copies
  • Publisher: Ediciones Letra Muerta, 2022