Katherine Small Gallery: The Third Year Poster


To commemorate 365 long days (and a couple of weeks), dark nights, and our third year, we asked our friend Erik van Blokland to design a small poster for this place—and, boy, did he come through for us. After so much unpleasantness, this delightful portrait of the exterior of our building (which was how most people were able to enjoy K. Small Gallery last year [from the outside]) is a real shot in the arm. Printed down the street by James Weinberg, the only thing that could make this poster sour is knowing that the building is currently for sale (or, was when this was published back in 2021) and our future a little uncertain. (UPDATE: Don’t worry. It all worked out.) But you can now purchase a framable 108 Beacon Street for 1/100,000th of the asking price of the actual 108 Beacon Street. Also available signed by the entire staff of Katherine Small Gallery.

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  • Size: 10 × 14 inches 
  • Pages: 1 
  • Edition: 100(ish) 
  • Medium: Silkscreen
  • Binding: na 
  • Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2021