Mohawk Graphics Collection: The Graphic Art of Paul Rand


There was a time when Mohawk Papers would put together portfolios with the work of a notable designer to promote their papers. And this time that notable designer was Paul Rand. Eighteen leaves here show a few classic Rands, a few Rand surprises, and a few examples of Rand as a trenchant observer of our world. This thing would make a pretty good Quick Lazy Exhibit—or, a great show-and-tell piece to use with students for years to come. Surprisingly uncommon (and only in three libraries). 

  • Size: 11 × 16 inches
  • Pages: 18 leaves
  • Binding: 18 loose leaves in a tri-folder that’s a little bigger than 11 × 16 
  • Condition: The folder is a little soiled and with a ding here and there, but it’s not bad at all. The prints are perfect. It is missing the production notes, but we were able to track down a photocopy.
  • Publisher: Mohawk Paper, 1988