Paper Figures by Susan Shaw

It can’t be all graphic design and typography all the time. Sometimes it can be paper figures by graphic designers. For instance, take these paper charmers by graphic designer Susan Shaw (the daughter of Arnold Shaw). We get to talking one day and we’re sharing phone pics like old pals do. Wait! What’s that?! we exclaim. Susan then proceeds to tell us that she’s been making these paper puppet-sorta things for her grandkids. We’ve no idea how her grandkids feel about them, but we were delighted and wanted to make them available to the world—or, at least five people. Each one of these paper pals is made with plain old paper, gel pens, fasteners, scissors, hands, and fun. Better than a Barbie (but without a movie by Greta Gerwig), put one in a frame or on the fridge or prop it up on the mantel for daily delight and reminder to get moving. (Their limbs are movable.)
  • Maker: Susan Shaw
  • Size of No. 1: 4.5 × 10.5(ish) inches
  • Size of No. 2: 4 × 9(ish) inches
  • Size of No. 3: 4.75 × 9(ish) inches
  • Size of No. 4: 4 × 8(ish) inches
  • Size of No. 5: 4.5 × 10(ish) inches
  • Material: Paper and ink and fasteners
  • Note: Signed and dated on back
  • Publisher: Susan Shaw, 2023