Schrift-Mappe für den Dekorationsmaler

Here we’ve got a lettering folder for the decorative painter with eighteen loose sheets of alphabets and examples from the practice of Karl Bruns, decorative painter and teacher at the Hanover School of Arts and Crafts, and Heinz Keune, graphic artist and teacher at the School of Arts and Crafts, Berlin. More than that, though, it’s an invitation to steal their work and turn it into modern digital types. No joke. They made this to be used as a model of lettering so that others could learn and copy. This’ll come in handy around Oktoberfest or when you get a call from a German restaurant about designing their graphics. (WorldCat shows copies at Yale and Northwestern and that’s it. [But there’s a copy at the Letterform Archive, too.])
  • Authors: Karl Bruns and Heinz Keune
  • Size: 10.5 × 10.25 inches
  • Pages: 18 loose sheets + 1 4-page folio
  • Binding: Portfolio
  • Language: German
  • Condition: The paper flaps that keep the sheets in the binding are very fragile and there's a spot of paint on one, suggesting this was actually used and loved. The sheets are largely clean but aged.
  • Publisher: [Gerstenberg], [Hildesheim], [1925]