Signs of Alice + Wycinanki


Like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, this poster brings together two great things that go great together: The posters of Alice (Koeth) and wycinanki (the Polish folk art). Granted, the two are largely unrelated, but they were brought together by Howard Glasser in this 1983 poster for a joint exhibition at what is now UMass-Dartmouth. Leaving aside wycinanki (about which we know almost nothing), let’s focus on Alice, the respected calligrapher who hand-lettered innovative and remarkable signs for the Morgan Library. You’ve got the book about her, now get the poster. (Also, Howard Glasser was no slouch, either, and an important figure in Massachusetts lettering.)

  • Designer: Howard Glasser (signed)
  • Size: 14.25 × 17 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Silkscreen
  • Condition: Fine, but with some spots that we don’t find to be too disruptive. If you can find a better copy, definitely get it.
  • Binding: NA
  • Publisher: Southeastern Massachusetts Letterworks, 1983