The Trademarks of Paul Rand: A Selection

There are some books we never expect to get dumped in our lap. This was one. The Trademarks of Paul Rand: A Selection is just that: A selection of trademarks designed by Paul Rand. He was just 46 when this was published, two years younger than this reporter as he writes this sentence. This makes that same reporter wonder what the hell he’s done with his life. . . . Oh, well. Hopefully one thing he’ll do is sell this book for $500 + shipping. It’s a lovely thing, printed in more colors than we can quickly count. (Actually, we count twelve.) And speaking of color, the nice thing is that this printed in spot colors, so we see these marks as the were intended to be seen, not muted and muddied by the four-color process.
  • Author: Paul Rand
  • Introduction: Gibson A. Danes
  • Size: 9.5 × 9.5 inches
  • Pages: 19 French-folded leaves
  • Binding: softcover
  • Condition: The cover has definite signs of sun damage and spotting and kicking around a working office. (That office? Chris Pullman’s.) With some creases throughout, but nothing that should make your life any less.
  • Publisher: Wittenborn, 1960