Wer, bitte, ist Rudolf Koch? [Who, please, is Rudolf Koch?]

Who, please, is Rudolf Koch? you asked? The Klingspor Museum answered—but they did it in German. (Mostly.) But that’s OK. This book is loaded with pics and lets you draw your own conclusions about who he was. Those aforementioned pics show all sorts of work we’ve not seen before. And if we have seen it, certainly not in color. This is not the first book about Koch, but it’s certainly the most colorful—and exciting. It will never be required reading here in the States, but it should be required looking.
  • Authors: Various
  • Size: 7.125 × 9.625 inches
  • Pages: 280
  • Binding: Softcover (and every copy has a cover that’s a different color)
  • Language: German with two essays in English
  • Publisher: Klingspor Museum Offenbach, 2020