Werner Bunz: Schrift Bilder Graphik Sculpturen


We recently took in a good stash of posters from the Klingspor Museum in Germany. As we flipped through them, one took our breath away. This one. What a beauty. The rubbish photograph we took doesn’t do it justice. We didn’t know anything about Werner Bunz but have spent the afternoon digging deep. (Or, as deep as Google and Google Translate will allow.) This is a poster from the 1979 exhibition of Bunz’s work as a graphic- and lettering artist. If you missed the show, put this on your wall and tell your friends you saw it.

  • Size: 17 × 32.5 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Offset
  • Condition: With the cyan circles above we’ve done our best to call attention to a few dings and tears. They could probably be mended—but, really, they’re just a reminder that this is a thing and not a picture of a thing. Also, the lousy photograph suggests that this is discolored. We just don't know how to light things. In reality this looks good.
  • Binding: NA
  • Publisher: Klingspor Museum, 1979