Cyrus Highsmith: Pecking Crow Etching


Crows. So handsome. So haunting. This feeding flier by award-winning type designer Cyrus Highsmith was printed down the street at Center Street Studio. Cyrus writes: “I have been observing and drawing crows for many years. I am captivated by their graphic nature. I love the blackness of their feathers, the triangles that form their bodies, and the sharpness of their beaks.” Printed by hand in an edition of just thirty, this signed, somber stunner will keep you company and leave alone nevermore.

Note: This is shipped flat and packed with extra care. As a result, the shipping costs are higher than usual. We don’t mess around with these.

Size: 22.5 × 17.5 inches
Edition: 30
Medium: Etching (aquatint)
Publisher: Center Street Studio, 2020