Helvetica Plakat


Has Helvetica ever looked so badass? Probably. But these oversized specimens showing three weights of the oversized face as printed directly from hard aluminum (up to 16 cicero), synthetic resin (up to 20 cicero), and wood (up to 40 cicero) are totally badass. See Helvetica Poster Semibold, Helvetica Poster Compact, and Helvetica Poster Semibold Narrow as they were clearly meant to be seen: on peach, teal, and pink paper. The ultimate Helvetica flex. 

FYI: A cicero is a little bigger than a pica.

  • Size: 8 × 16.25 inches (folded); 24 × 16.25 inches (flat)
  • Pages: 3 individual sheets, each folded in thirds
  • Medium: Letterpress 
  • Publisher: Stempel, n.d.